Monday, March 31, 2008

Blue 2.0 Moon of Kentucky...Keep on Shinning

Ahhh....the last Blue 2.0 post. I'm a little sad that it is over, but ready for a break from the hectic tech homework that seemed to have me plastered to my pc screen both at home and work! Not that it required my home time involvement, but with these new fangled applications, it was fun to explore them in depth....probably should have been doing homework were right about that Jennifer....but I became addicted quite fast. Adding some blue to my gray cubicle was so nice while it lasted!

And for the last report:

Could really take it or leave it. I like the customizable layouts and backgrounds, and there seems to be more prominent places for video, music and pics, but the activity is really low compared to Facebook which I will mention in just a sec. I will admit that I have kept away from these types of networking sites based on the privacy issue. Not that I'm involved in any shady activity, but haven't we all been stalked at one point in our lives? (No? Maybe that's just me.) I've also heard the horror stories of, let's just call them unfortunate, individuals who spilled too much about themselves and were passed over by employers who review these sites before hiring. I realized that I will probably never get really personal in these sites unless I turn on the privacy settings. Otherwise, a fairly common space that includes your education and work connections seems harmless enough, so I will probably let the account live, even if it does become neglected. I gave my page a little bling, and added a couple of friends, but the real UK action is all about Facebook, so I better get moving to that area. Here's my page for a quick look-see, but I guarantee it's pretty boring, except for maybe the spontaneous library musical prank I included in my videos.

I really like this one - but this has to do with the fact that so many people from UK are using it that it quickly begins to feel like a family page. It is a much easier way to stay connected to those who are just a cubicle away or a continent away. With a few clicks you have connected without digging up their e-mail, writing a long treatise and then waiting for a long response. The Facebook method is short, sweet and effective....I like all of the widgets and groups, and even though the reading areas are sometimes miniscule compared to Myspace, somehow it is still very easy to read and follow. It even lets our avatars connect! My former student assistants have congratulated me on finally coming to the darkside by joining Facebook! And on a side note, Facebook just let me re-connect to my High School best friend in Pennsylvania....miracle working technology!

Second Life Librarians:
This one is pretty cool! Very simple to use and should really prove to be helpful when I meet other SL librarians while traversing in-world. This way we can stay connected and talk about SL/Library issues as they arise. And it also comes with a great little widget that I just added to my sidebar! I would say after Blue 2.0, Kentucky Librarians in SL are being well represented in this Ning site. Knowing about Ning is also a nice nugget to file away in the recesses of my brain for future library use.

Farewell to Blue 2.0! It will be interesting to see how many of these applications establish permanent residency in my daily repertoire. Now if only I can manage to keep this library blog alive simply for library issues....hhmmmm.

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